Darth Vader Christmas Parody Lack Of Cheer Mens Jumper Star Wars Fan Sweater

It's just not Christmas if Darth Vader, Or his Dad......Or son. Or someone he knew once, isn't slashing the bejeezus out of someone with a lightsaber. My inner nerd still has a lot of love for this Xmas sweater. It's going to be in my rotation of fairly ugly sweaters this Crimbo, that's for sure.  

While this star wars inspired jumper is a top 10 Christmas seller. The absolute king of offensive, Funny Xmas sweats is this one.....


You have to be brave enough to have the word 'Cock' on your clothing though, so not for the faint hearted.

Our Jumper Sizes Are As Follows. Check The Images For A More Detailed Guide:

Small - 34"
Medium - 40"
Large - 44"
XL - 48"
XXL - 52"

We love Christmas, it's the best time! Also if you email a picture of you wearing the Jumper to promo@wemakeclothes.co.uk and we use it in our social media you get 50% back. That's right, free money for looking awesome. 

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This does not affect your normal rights as a buyer. We just know it isn't always easy to buy online, so it's an added perk from us.

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